God answered Prayer, Ruben O

I gave my life to the lord in oct 2009 I've been attending church almost every Sunday since. I've been asking god to touch my wife so we could attend and serve god as a family. I would hear testimony after testimony of how a wife would pray for her husband and finally he would get saved. So I asked when how long do I have to wait. Honestly I would get emotional and angry with god from time to time attending church seeing all the families with there kids. I would take my kids but my wife would still be missing. She did attend from time to time never nothing consistent. Earlier this year I visited my sisters church The Net Bible Church when our mother came to town. My wife came with me it was a great service. The following Saturday my wife asked if I was going to church the next day I responded with a question of my own does howdy doody have wooden legs. She responded and said she would like to go but not to my regular church but to The Net Bible Church so I agreed and we have been attending church as a family ever since. My prayers were answered after eight years of asking god. The lord works in mysterious ways. Thank you Pastor Debbie and Rev G for making my family feel welcome. The lord is doing amazing things in this church all glory be 2 God

Chronic foot pain relieved,  Chris V

Good morning, I wanted to tell you, a couple days after we prayed I went to pain management and they prescribed me a medication for people that are diabetic for their feet I am not diabetic but she said let's give it a try I've been in pain for three years Icing my feet three times a day second day after taking the medication the pain from my feet was lifted I just chalk this up to wow that's great and then I remembered we prayed I thoughtyou would like to know it's a big deal after hours of physical therapy surgery acupuncture nothing worked. This medication should not have worked, so there you have it, and thank you 😊

God is good all the time, Ruben O

Since December of 2016 I've had this pain in my side like something inside was going to explode. I went to my dr numerous times no diagnosis or answers to what's causing my pain. A few months ago pastor Debbie prayed for me for healing on my side I felt her hand get hot and for whatever reason I would feel the pain off and on for days after that. I honestly don't know when god completely healed my side but my daughter asked me about my feet and I remembered that my side hasn't  bothered me for weeks praise god. Thank you Jesus. To god be all the glory. Thanks pastor Debbie and rev G for being faithful I see God doing amazing things in this church

The Power of Prayer, Ruben O

So pastor Debbie preached on praying in tongues and prayed for me to receive the Holy Spirit. So during prayer I felt this heat from her hand and instantly I felt the presence of god I literally felt high on the the Holy Spirit.  The next day at work at a local car dealership I have a customer drop off a car that needs repairs. After giving a estimate to the customer and advising them to get their insurance company involved in this costly repair. The insurance company lies to the customer and tells them to take the car to another repair shop otherwise they will have to pay more $. Which is not true the customer only pays their deductible. The customer tells me they will pay the diagnostic fee and tow their car to another shop. Oh I forgot to mention I get paid on commission only so this was a huge loss. Frustrated and hangry I left work for lunch processed the customers paperwork. Mad at the world and god I began to ask god how can I get the short end if I serve the king of kings my cup should overflow. God told me to pray in tongues from that point to the end of my lunch only stopping to inhale a quick bite I prayed in tongues. I calmed down returned to work feeling completely deflated. My boss came to me and asked how I could let that happen it was a huge loss for our shop. While I was at lunch my co worker picks up the paperwork from the cashier calls the customer and gets the job back for me. The customer didn't even speak English he spoke Chinese my co worker brings me the invoice and tells me what happened. He gained nothing from that conversation and extra effort. My point is there is power in prayer. Praying in tongues is a different level of power. God also reminded me to start tithing again and he would rebuke the devour for my sake. Malachi 3 8-12. Thank you Jesus for great pastors. God is doing some amazing things in this church.

Healing and Deliverance, Frances O

Hello my name is Frances and I wanted to share my testimony. I've been having ungodly thoughts and hearing ungodly voices for the last 11 years, I started going to church back in 2009 to a larger church and nothing changed and one day i went to The Net Bible church (my sister n law attends there) and I felt the presence of our lord Jesus Christ, I felt him, and one day after attending a couple of services I went up for prayer I told pastor Debi that Ive been having headaches but inside of me I was praying to God to remove these ungodly thoughts/voices and in just one day it was removed thank you Jesus ! Since then it's been a couple weeks and haven't experienced any of that Ive been healed in the name of our Heavenly Father! I believe in him, I praise our father and I felt that my lord was there I knew he was present and took that away from me that day. This was a long journey of pain, years of this and the devil lost!
I'm great full to our pastor Debi and Guy and mostly our lord Jesus Christ.

Healing, Tim H

I guess the pain in my toe began around the 16th of May almost immediately after the birthday picnic of my girlfriend Cindy's son, Brandon.  I was playing around with the kids playing football, basketball, and just plain horsing around.  I don't do too much exercise or playing around too much anymore so my body can't take it like I used to.  So, long story short, I developed some dead skin on the bottom of my little toe on my right foot which became painful to walk on.  A few days after the picnic it became so painful to walk on that I thought it might help to pull the dead skin off.  But I didn't have anything to cover it up with so it became even more painful to walk on so I had to call out of work sick.  Next day I went to the doctor and he just gave me antiseptic cream to put on the toe to cover the ooen sore plus band aids to cover it.  I go back in and ask is that all?  They then gave me a week off work to rest and heal up.  Then a day later, Pastors being the great Pastors that they are, called to see how I was doing because they saw I wasn't doing so well from my Facebook post, and proceeded to pray over me and my toe that the pain would go away.  Ever since they prayed over me last Friday the pain in my toe and foot has gone away.  So believe in the power of prayer people.  That's my simple yet effective message


Church,  Margie G F

Thanks for being used as a voice of wisdom and revelation in my life and ministry. You have influenced me greatly. Today my assignment is to speak about the things we have been talking about in recent weeks...and they are video taping. You know what that means! Love you


Church,  Robin H

Praise God for a Pastor like Pastor Debi Wolek, who preaches The Word of God and does not care what people think so many ministers preach what itching ears want to hear and won't even teach on sin or living holy for fear that people will leave their congregation, Lol not PD. All she cares about is preaching the Word so people are saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, healed and having their lives transformed and telling others about the goodness of God! We are truly a blessed people at The Net Bible Church!

Church,  Debra G

People need to get over looking at the flesh. People who can't accept that a woman can Pastor really need to understand the Holy Spirit. The anointing for this calling does not come from our gender, our age, our marital status. It is the call of God, the anointing of the Holy Spirit. God see's the heart. My Pastor and Reverend Guy Wolek a.k.a. Rev. G,.      CALLED & ANOINTED.

Healing,  Aaron M

About a month ago I was at football practice and I felt this awkward pain in my knee.  I left it for the rest of the day and just thought it would go away over night when I slept.  It got very hard to walk and my knee would lock up every time I took a step.  The pain went on for about two weeks when on a Wednesday after church I asked Pastor Debi and Reverend Guy to pray for me.  While they were praying I felt something in my knee but I didn’t think of it.  We went home after I just believed that I was healed and I felt my knee getting better over the next few days.  We didn’t have practice for a while so I prayed and stayed off my knee.  The day I went back to practice I felt absolutely no pain; it felt like I had a new knee.  I practiced and ran and there was nothing wrong with my knee because I was healed.